Chem-Dry Franchise Owners Review

While Chem-Dry South Africa gives our franchisees all the cleaning ingredients and equipment, building up a successful Chem-Dry outlet is also about the recipe, and many of our franchisees find that they need to experiment a bit first before finding the perfect combination.

Below, Western Cape Chem-Dry franchisee owner, Ryan Thwaits shares his personal experience of structuring a successful franchise branch by sifting through all the ingredients before discovering his ideal recipe.

Ryan says that after deciding to go into business for himself he looked at a number of different opportunities but trying to decide which would be the most profitable, while at the same time meeting his own personal requirements, was not an easy task.

From the offset though, Ryan did know that he wanted to be in a service orientated industry that catered to people’s needs on a regular basis. He also wanted a business that could be set up and operate without him, leaving Ryan to add to the value and manage his own time, rather than just concentrate on everyday operational tasks.

At the time Ryan knew nothing about carpet cleaning but did not hesitate to arrange a meeting with the Chem-Dry master franchisor when he heard that a branch was for sale. “My interest was immediately piqued as Chem-Dry ticked all the boxes,” says Ryan. “What attracted me most was the fact that I could independently own and operate my own business while simultaneously receiving support, back-up and training from Chem-Dry headquarters.”

Since setting up his own franchise Ryan has gone from strength to strength although this has not been without its challenges, and says the hardest part was finding the right people to do the job, from team leader and technicians through to office staff.

“What I appreciate most about owning a Chem-Dry franchise is the fantastic support they give their franchisees and when I ran into problems I simply picked up the phone and made a call to head office,” explains Ryan. “They put me in touch with my neighbour, who happened to be the most successful Chem-Dry franchise at the time, who in turn imparted me with invaluable advice.”

In very little time Ryan had progressed from eking out R20 000 a month to making that in a bad week, and gives credit to the help and support from Chem-Dry Head Office as well as his fellow franchisees who enabled him to excel by trouble shooting any issues.

Ryan sums it up best as he concludes by saying:

“Firstly to any new franchisee I would say congratulations! Job satisfaction is so high within the Chem-Dry group that opportunities to purchase a franchise do not come around every day. Secondly don’t try to re-invent the wheel, use tried and trusted methods and then look at adding your own personal touch. Thirdly when you are in business for yourself it can be a lonely and difficult time but I guarantee that you are going to love it because there is always plenty of support within the Chem-Dry family and someone who has experienced the same difficulties as you.”

Chem-Dry head office offers all their franchisees regular training sessions and hold biannual conferences where franchisees can swop ideas and gain useful insight into what others are doing. Ongoing staff training, machinery and chemical support, monthly newsletters and regular calls to see how you are getting along complete the comprehensive backing package.