How Are We Different?

Chem-Dry Franchises: A Better Way to Clean Carpet

How are we DifferentThe patented Chem-Dry Hot Carbonated Extraction method of cleaning carpets is vastly how are we different and highly superior to any other carpet cleaning solution out there today, with our competitors usually employing either steam cleaning or ‘dry’ spray-on cleaning methods. Both of these have distinct disadvantages.

Steam alone cannot clean a carpet so most cleaning companies add chemicals and soap to the process to help get stains out. These additives however leave behind an unseen sticky residue in the carpet that can actually trap more dirt, forming fresh stains in the same spots as the old ones.

The ‘dry’ spray-on method of cleaning coats carpets in a chemical cleaner and then relies on several rounds of vacuuming to try and extract the loose dirt. Although carpets may look cleaner, more often than not the dirt has not been extracted but rather just moved around where it remains in the carpet along with a harmful chemical residue.

The explosive power of Chem-Dry’s organic hot carbonated water extraction uses millions of microscopic bubbles to blast dirt from carpet fibres and other surfaces, working on a molecular level to lift dirt particles to the surface of the carpet where they can be easily whisked away.

Chem-Dry’s secret lies in our cleaning process, which breaks the chemical bond certain elements form with carpet fibres, to fully remove stains without the use of chemicals or detergents. Our patented cleaning solution, The Natural®, is a simple carbon dioxide and water solution that derives its effectiveness from an understanding of chemistry and how it can be used to get stains out of carpets and other surfaces.

The Chem-Dry cleaning process also requires only one fifth of the water needed for steam cleaning and negates the risk of mould or mildew forming in between carpet fibres, while the cleaning process itself is much more gentle and suitable for delicate carpet fibres.

What is more, carbonation naturally tends to form a protective barrier of carbonate residue on the surface of the cleaned carpet that resists dirt as it doesn’t offer bonding sites for most soils.

As long as carpets are cleaned regularly they should act as filters to keep allergens under control in homes and workplaces which all adds up to an outstanding business opportunity for Chem-Dry franchisees as our green cleaning induces customers to pay a little extra for healthy products and services – resulting in better revenue for franchisees.

Companies such as Chem-Dry, who are constantly searching for ways to make their processes safer and more effective are therefore in an excellent position to tap into this growing and profitable market.