Searching for information on a carpet cleaning franchise for sale or thinking about opening a carpet cleaning franchise?

Consider Chem-Dry®, Entrepreneur Magazine’s top-rated carpet cleaning business 25 years in a row. We hope this website will be able to provide background information on the exciting Chem-Dry® opportunity.

This website provides you with a few details to aid you in your decision whether or not to buy a Chem-Dry® Franchise but always remember to contact us directly should you need more information.

  • The purpose of this website is to firstly to give you an overview of the Chem-Dry® system, which encompasses its technology, its competitive advantages and resultant growth worldwide and in Southern Africa.
  • Secondly to provide you with facts and financial information relating to the purchasing and running of a Chem-Dry® franchise, so that you can make an informed decision whether to become part of our franchise network

Chem-Dry® is the largest carpet cleaning organization in the world and in South Africa. Chem-Dry® SA was established in 1993. We have a network of 60 well trained Franchisees with an outstanding reputation in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.Chem-Dry® SA was named Chem-Dry’s Master Franchisee of 2013 at the Devere International Convention held in Nashville, Tennessee.

By using a fraction of the water required with alternative cleaning methods, no excess water is left behind in which mould or bacteria can thrive. Carpets and upholstery also dry in hours not days as with some carpet cleaning methods.

We cover all sectors. Residential, Commercial, Healthcare and the Industrial Sector. Hotels, Guest Houses, Doctor’s Rooms, Hospitals, Restaurants, Banks, and various other businesses are regular Chem-Dry users.